17 de julho de 2009

Celebrate o/ the nothing(: a rare day for me(:

a minha vida

as que fazem o meu dia
aos do meu sangue
a que me serve de exemplo de luta, e força, um amor incondicional q apesar da falta de demonstrações enche meus olhos de lagrimas só no pensar !
LIFE: noun plural lives
1 [C or U] the period between birth and death; the experience or state of being alive:
2 [U] the quality which makes people, animals and plants different from objects, substances, and things which are dead:The doctor could find no sign of life in the old man's body.FIGURATIVE I looked through the window but I couldn't see any signs of life (= people moving).
3 [U] energy or enthusiasm:She's so full of life.

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